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Executive COACHING Firm
Focusing on high performance and creativity

Why Total Alignment Partners?

Belinda and Debbie had a fantastic journey launching, growing and leading their individual companies. It has brought them joy, maturity and self-awareness.


“Considering the current disengagement rate for employees of 70-73% has stayed the same for 10+ years, we elected to work with Leaders of those organizations and their main resource: Human Capital.”


Our clients choose Total Alignment Partners (TAP) for our willingness to share and expand our Model. We have a clear focus to “tap” into people with our message of awareness-living and leadership.  We want to see happy human beings leading abundant and conscious organizations.


As disengagement identifiers, we are the resource and catalyst for personal, professional and corporate change!


We have been told that our process is not for the weak at heart but for those truly courageous and committed to follow the process.


We welcome and train talented coaches and consultants to become Awareness Leadership Expert so that they can support our mission and our clients’ vision by co-creating relevant content.


Total Alignment Partners is the leader and the reference in executive coaching with dozens of coaches that are assisting us to transform your organization from the core.


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